Thursday, November 5, 2009

Almost a treatless party...

I absolutely LOVE baking treats for class parties!! So of course when Halloween rolled around I volunteered to bake a treat for my daughter Carlee's pre-school class.
What was I thinking???
I can't believe all of the allergies in that classroom.
No eggs, peanuts, strawberries or watermelon.
I knew those though since it's Carlee's allergies!
But they also said no milk, cinnamon, or root beer.
Yikes! Give me an egg allergy any day over dairy! Everything I wanted to make had milk in it. Cake mixes, brownie mixes, butter, etc.
I finally settled on making Jell-O popcorn balls. When I went to make them my air popper wasn't working. Go figure.


So what the heck can I make? I thought. Well, they got orange jigglers shaped like pumpkins and pie crust sprinkled with orange sugar. Not what I wanted to make but it worked.

My little Carlee.

The kids seemed to enjoy them although they thought the pie crust was a sugar cookie. Hope they weren't disappointed!


I think next year I won't volunteer!

They are so cute though. How can I resist???


Melody said...

What a pain! You did great though and I am sure they appreciated it.

The imPerfect Housewife said...

Pain is right!! That look on your daughter's face in the first picture is cracking me up. That's just way too cute and I LOVE the class picture!! Have a great weekend ~ ♥

Our Family said...

I just found your blog today. It's great! I had to do a double take of these photos because I was sure we volunteered at the exact same party! Then I realized the kids just had the same costumes...:o)